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      ISO9001 certification

       ISO9001 certification:

          Company’s certification was initially approved in 1999; changed to the ISO-9001 (2000) in 2002 and ISO-9001 (2008) in 2009.
          ISO9001 series standard is the series of quality management and quality assurance standards which was promulgated by quality management and quality assurance technology association (ISO/TC176) in 1987. ISO9001 quality system is a kind of quality assurance model for design/development, production, installation and service. In 1975, the world's first national standardization bodies: British standards institution (BSI) released BS5750 quality assurance national standard. In the second year, BSI held the organization quality system assessment, business registration as the third party, which was welcomed by all parties. In 1979, BSI suggested the international standard organization to formulate quality assurance technology and implement the international standard, ISO adopted the BSI's advice.
          Our company, in 1999, became the first domestic enterprises in China which passed the quality management system certification by the most authoritative certification bodies through the global British standards institution (BSI). Our company is committed to the most advanced international quality management system framework, build the quality of word of mouth, and has obtained quality performance and won the recognition of new and old customers and long-term cooperation.